New Moon in Sagittarius Tarot Reading on November 29th, 2016

Sagittarius is the fire sign of expansion. Fire shines light and gives you energy. Shift your fire to that which you consciously choose to expand and create with Sagittarius' helpful vibe this New Moon. Remember, the Sun is also in Sagittarius right now, a double Sagittarius dose that only comes at this special time of year to light up your life at the darkest time of year. Use this fire energy to help you make a plan for the year ahead, or even a 5- or 10-year plan. Focus your intentions on what you want to see expand (and definitely not on what you want to see diminish!!!). This is also a wonderful time for studying, truth-seeking, traveling, philosophizing, and kick-starting your creations. Let's see what helpful advice the tarot has for us at this time: fullsizerender

How can I shift my energy to allow for more expansion?- Queen of Wands rx The reversed Queen of Wands asks you to look within. There is something that you are missing, some message from your soul that you are ignoring or unable to hear. This Queen embodies the same fire energy as this Sagittarius New Moon but the reversal warns that you are not doing a good job accessing your inner fire. I'm not telling you to panic. This is just a friendly reminder that we can talk the talk all we want about expansion and focusing our intentions on what bright and wonderful things we want to bring into our lives, but if we don't actually walk the walk and incorporate action that supports those intentions, well, we don't accomplish much. Do not neglect your Queen of Wands energy today on this New Moon. Really make an effort to spend a couple of minutes identifying your goals for expansion and then activating those goal with intention. I like to write my intentions down. Other people may like to speak them to a friend, dance energy into their creation, create art, or meditate. It really doesn't matter what action you take, as long as you take the time to tell yourself and the universe what it is you are trying to accomplish. Then you will have this Queen of Wands turned upright in no time, humming along towards your inspiration.

What will help me redirect my focus away from negativity and stagnation?- The Devil rx Set yourself free! It is always a good time to examine your limitations and decide if those are self-imposed (hint, they usually are) or if there are honestly circumstances outside of your control that hold you back. Almost always there are choices we can make that allow us to guide our own destiny. Even the smallest of actions supporting your intentions can set off an avalanche of empowerment. The Devil is a representation of all of that restricts you and holds you back from your goals. When you draw him in reverse there is a definite energy of release and an ability to shake yourself free from those shackles. If you are feeling contained and held back, make some kind of representation of your own Devil and then throw it in the fire. How dramatic and fun! This symbolizes your commitment to your freedom, your expansion, and your power.

How can I go about studying or exploring more in order to develop my self awareness?- Queen of Cups rx- Once again we have a reversed Queen asking us to look within for answers. This time we encounter our inner realm of Water and the emotions, as well as our intuition and spirituality. Are you spending enough time with these elements of yourself? It is so easy to fall into practical and rational modes, getting things done and being a responsible adult. But don't you also have a responsibility to take care of the immaterial needs of your soul and your heart? You need food, water, and shelter, but you also need love to create a happy and healthy life. Make it a priority in the next four weeks to devote a little extra time to tending to the needs of your heart. Listen to your intuition instead of just go, go, going at routine pace. Especially around the end of the year activities, check in with yourself to make sure you aren't just doing things out of habit or a feeling of obligation but rather out of a sincere desire to be close to people, to express gratitude for your loved ones, and to do things together that bring you joy. The Queen of Cups is capable of unconditional love. What does unconditional love mean to you and how do you go about expressing it?

There it is- The New Moon reading for Sagittarius on November 29, 2016! I hope you enjoyed this reading and please get in touch if you would like a personal email reading sent directly to your inbox. I'm preparing the New Year 2017 spread this week and will have that up in the shop SOON so you can order a reading chuck full of delightful advice and energy for the coming New Year. Whoot!