Radiating Your Inner Joy with The Sun

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile Keywords: joy, happiness, good times, fun, enlightenment, brilliance, success, vitality, positivity, enjoyment, children, dreams come dream, contentment

Reversed: surprising joy, unexpected good fortune, unlooked for success, blocked happiness, unanticipated turn of events

You can read my experience with The Sun during Biddy Tarot's Soul Meditations here. 


The Sun shines. The Sun illuminates. The Sun enlightens. These are the things we value above all others as human beings. We live for the light, we live in the light. It warms our skin, grows our food, brightens our world, and brings us our closest to joy. When The Sun card comes up in a reading, we smile because the image is beautiful and the meaning is unequivocally positive. When The Sun is here we have hope, we have faith, and we trust the Universe has good things in store for us.  The Sun is a symbol of that good fortune.

The Sun makes us want to go outside and play, to be innocent and carefree.  This innocence reminds us of children, and often The Sun comes up in a reading when youthful pursuits, spending time with children, or having a baby are of importance in your life. This is the moment when it all comes together, when your creation is born. It doesn't necessarily have to be a baby you are bringing into the world, but any project that you consider your own gift to the world. You are manifesting something big and beautiful that you give to the world because it will add even more light to everyone's lives.

When The Sun comes up in a reading, know that the answer is yes. You can do it! You should do it!  That job is yours. This relationship is going to work out. You are going to get what you are after. You did pick the right shoes to match your dress. You are on a roll with The Sun in your corner. This feeling that all is right with the world will radiant out from you and lift up the people around you as well.  You will be fun to be around, so go hit up some parties, make some new friends, entertain your family, and do it outside if you can.  The Sun wants you to be outdoors enjoying this beautiful earth we live on.


The Sun reversed: Sometimes, well, let's be honest here, oftentimes joy and happiness comes from some unexpected source. You thought you would get a promotion at work, but instead you get let go. Then out of the blue the best job opportunity crops up that you never would have looked for if you hadn't been unemployed. Losing your job doesn't feel like a happy moment, but it is the only thing that could lead you to this other work.

The Sun reversed is this kind of unplanned for, unlooked for, unimaginable type of good fortune that is often bittersweet.  You have to lose something you have been holding onto, or let go of a dream, in order to grow in a direction you never knew would make you happy. The Sun reversed requires faith in the Universe, that you will be taken care of, that everything happens for a reason, that you are strong enough to learn your life lessons.

The Sun reversed can be tricky when you are feeling down and it shows up in a reading to remind you that you are not feeling positive and full of light. You are in a dark and down mood and The Sun reversed is just mocking you.  Well, maybe try instead to see it's arrival as a sign that things are looking up, that maybe it's time for you to look on the bright side. Perhaps if you do look up at the sky now, instead of down at your shoes, your perspective may change.  A new frame of mind, a new turn to positivity is right there for the taking.  Do not greet The Sun reversed with a sarcastic smile. You do not have to be jaded just because happiness is simple. Go get yourself an ice cream cone or a romantic comedy and try to look on the bright side.  The Sun reversed shows up when there is a bright side that you are avoiding so that you can stay miserable.  Don't block your happiness.