Card Meaning: The High Priestess

Red Woods

Keywords: Intuition, the subconscious, accessing the Higher Self, wisdom, being rather than doing, feminine divine, life mysteries, shadow self, looking within, calm inner center, deep knowing.  

Reversed: Confusion, hidden mysteries, denial of the shadow or feminine self, need for stillness, distrust of intuition, actions out of alignment with ideals.

Associated minor card: Queen of Cups

You can find my experience with The High Priestess during the Biddy Tarot Soul Meditation here.

The High Priestess speaks of your ability to access your calm inner center. There is a power inside of you that is only available through your stillness. Slow down, be quiet, meditate, and allow for calmness. The High Priestess is non-action; she is being. Go within and dwell there for a time. Bask in your inner sanctuary. Accept that there are answers inside of you, that you can be certain, that you can do what is inherently right for you. You have this expansive power. Use this rejuvenating and clarifying energy to take appropriate action moving forward. You will be able to take the right next steps because you have taken the time and space you need to connect with your sense of inner knowing.

Rider Waite Smith tarot

The High Priestess knows how to access the collective consciousness and to explore the inner world and the shadow self. She is not afraid of the darkness. The High Priestess is a card I often associate with a professional tarot reader, or any person who is strongly connected to her/his intuition. Perhaps now is a good time to pull out your tarot deck and draw some cards asking for messages from within your soul. Or you could get in touch with a mentor, counselor or friend who gives excellent advice from the heart. You are especially receptive to wise counsel at this time so look for signs and messages all around you. Slow down and take a break from action. Constantly busying yourself with tasks, projects, and jobs will cloud your vision of the larger picture of your life and your purpose as a person and co-inhabitant of this universe.

The High Priestess reversed:

High Priestess Shadowscapes Tarot

The reversal of The High Priestess indicates a blocked need to find your calm inner center. You need to access the essence of being but something is holding you back, either yourself or your current life situation. Further wisdom is necessary before you can take appropriate action. This is a challenge to tap into your intuition and develop it more fully. There is a lot of work you can do to explore your intuition and learn to trust it and share it. Begin by trying to immerse yourself fully in the present moment. Put thoughts and feelings from the past and about the future away. Imagine there is only now and feel your mind, body, and spirit as perfect at this time. The energy of The High Priestess is crucial for opening up the third eye, which will help direct you in where and how to place your focus.  Once you go through the slow, quiet process of acknowledging and accepting your present self, you will be able to accept the past and move forward with confidence and wisdom. Do not allow yourself to continue to be blocked from your inner wisdom.