Tarotscopes for June- Happy Birthday Geminis!

Hello there tarot lovers! It’s time for your June Tarotscopes from The Willow Path Tarot.  I hope you enjoy these tarotscopes. They are supposed to be fun! Remember, if you need a personal tarot reading, get in touch!  I do a pretty fantastic birthday reading : ) Birthday Tarotscope for Gemini: The Sun

The Sun Wild Unknown Tarot

Whoot!  They say it's your birthday!  Happy Birthday to ya!  I feel like singing, I'm so happy about your tartoscope this month Twins. The Sun card jumped out the deck for you! The sun in the sky is currently traveling through the constellation of Gemini, just like it was when you were born, and that means it is your time to SHINE. Get out there and have some fun this month, play games, get outside, do what makes you feel ALIVE. The Sun is about finding joy, feeling at harmony with yourself and the world around you, and feeling energized and revitalized. This month, take some time to acquaint yourself with how you are thinking and feeling about enjoyment, success, and happiness. What do these concepts mean to you? How do they feel inside you? Are you acting in ways that bring them into your life?  The Sun is enlightenment, so this is a wonderful time to do some soul searching, get in touch with your spirit fire energy, and go into this new year of your life with vigor and clarity! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

Cancer:  IX of Swords reversed Dear me, little Crabs, it looks like this month will see you moving away from a dark and difficult time. It you have been experiencing a lot of anxiety and worry, it's time to let those old mind patterns go. Take control of your thoughts, direct them in positive directions, and hold yourself strong and accountable for not falling back into the past, it is behind you.

Leo:  The Moon reversed Things have been a tad confusing lately, my proud Lions, but that mystifying energy is fading away. If you have been struggling to figure out exacting what is happening?! in your life, know that understanding and contentment is coming. Or, even better, that the need to make sense out of chaos will pass. Accept what you can't understand and move on.

Virgo:  IV of Cups June may find you wanting to take some time apart, to do some inner work and self reflection, my friendly Virgins. It can be wonderfully empowering and insightful to spend time with yourself, your feelings, and just be. Of course, there is the small warning to be careful not to miss an important opportunity because your head is in the clouds!

Libra: The Magician It's time to get creating this month, Libra, so what would you like to manifest? You're best at working with Air energy, so think about communication and the realm of the mind. What would you like to express to others, what would you like to write out, what do you want to put out there into the world.  You can do it this month, be powerful! Scorpio: Mother of Swords Your mind is particularly sharp this month, my lofty Eagle friends, so make good use of it. Use your perspective to synthesize information to share with your coworkers, family or friends. You have the ability to be super honest and straightforward, but be careful that other's don't think you're being sarcastic or too blunt. A little subtlety is needed.

Sagittarius:  V of Pentacles reversed You too have drawn a "sad" card in reverse this month, Archer friend, which signifies hard times passing now. May doesn't seem like it was very fun for many people, so if you have suffered some financial losses or dark nights of the soul, know that this tough energy is behind you. Things should start to look up this June, so keep your eyes and heart open.

Capricorn: IX of Cups Oh oh, you go the "wish" card, Goat friend!  Lucky you! What do you desire in your heart of hearts? Go for it this month! Just a caveat with this card, be careful what you wish for... It is wonderful to get what you want, but make sure that what you think you want is what you actually need. Harmonize your heart, soul, physical needs, and vision.

Aquarius: Ace of Swords reversed Big new ideas are right around the corner, Waterbearer friends, so let them in!  If you have a niggling feeling that you are about to grasp some really big life concepts or develop a fresh perspective on everything, keep at it, you are so close!  The Ace here signifies honesty, truth, fortitude, and clarity so hold these concepts high in your mind.

Pisces: IV of Swords reversed You will probably find yourself feeling a bit restless going into June, my happy Fish friends. Now seems like the perfect time to act, so why not do it?  Remember not to burn yourself out or act impulsively without thinking about how your actions may effect others. You can make some good progress out in the world, but may lose touch with your inner world.

Aries:  Judgement reversed It's not like you to shy away from your inner calling, fiery Aries friend, but that may be just the case this month. Are you feeling unworthy and judging yourself harshly for your inability to meet some ridiculously high self standards? Stop it!  This June, make it a priority to get in touch with your soul purpose instead of fighting against your life circumstances.

Taurus: VIII of Pentacles reversed Ok, Bull friend, it's official- you've been working too hard. Even the tarot is conspiring to tell you to take a break and relax a bit. Sometimes it's ok to let it all go for a week or even the whole month, and come back to your To Do list with renewed vigor in July. In the meantime, reflect on all that you do and congratulate yourself for some jobs well done.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Tarotscopes from The Willow Path Tarot.  Feel free to share with your friends or let me know your personal experiences this month with the energies of the tarot.  Best wishes!