Page of Swords- Ready for New Ways of Thinking

I did a tarot reading for myself the other day, centered around personal change, resistance, and what's holding me back.  I got all Swords cards, the X of Swords reversed, Ace of Swords, and King of Swords.  It might seem likely then, that what I need less of in my life is thinking and mental positioning.  Of course, we could all do with a bit less thinking, but when that inevitably fails, the best thing we can do is at least try and be aware of our thoughts. How are you thinking about yourself and your life situation?  How are you thinking about other people and their actions?  Is all this thinking helping you or hurting you in some way?  How do you want to be thinking? Page of Swords Rider Waite Smith deck

A good card to use as inspiration, or as a focal point, when trying to realign your thoughts with your actions is the Page of Swords. Pages represent new beginnings, and the Swords represent the mental realm. So, with the Page of Swords we have the opportunity to begin afresh with our thoughts and ideas. Ask yourself how you can let a little fresh air or a new perspective into your way of thinking about yourself, your place in the world, and the world around you in general. Watch your mind as you do this thinking. Be very conscious of your thought patterns, how you swirl around the same concepts and ideas sometimes obsessively. These are the patterns that you need to break free of and leave behind you.  Let yourself see new angles and constantly be monitoring and evaluating your thoughts and ideas.  There is much to be learned at a new beginning.

Also, be aware of the mood of your thoughts and make sure to ditch negativity and at least shoot for neutrality if you can't go all out positive or optimistic in your thoughts.  Try telling yourself just the facts, and leave our any commentary.  For example, try not to say:  "I'm a loser who will be alone for the rest of my life."  Instead say, "I am not in a relationship currently and I would like to be."  This gives the Universe the opening to give you what you want, instead of reinforce what you do not have and your negative opinions of yourself. It's only your opinions and feelings that make being alone negative and bad.  In reality, it simply is, you are single, that is neither good nor bad to the Universe. It is what you want to change or achieve that needs to be optimistic. The Page of Swords is young and enthusiastic. He sees things with an open mind and an open heart.  He is ready to dash off after new opportunities or ideas, not be caught in a stagnant mire of self doubt or recrimination. Invite in the Page of Swords to show you optimism, energy, and enthusiasm for new opportunities.


Remember that the energy of the Page of Swords is just a beginning of your journey of mental self discovery or redefinition. You have to be able to keep working on your new outlook, so put some systems in place to keep yourself on track. I'm trying to be much more aware of my thought patterns and my mental outlook on myself and my place in the world. I'm doing a lot of journaling, as the Swords are good for written communication. Other forms of communication are emphasized with the Swords as well, so try talking with friends who are supportive and will hold you accountable for your new ideas.  Also, I'm listening to Eckhart Tolle on my iPod, because he reminds me of the ability and importance of staying present and being the watcher of my thoughts. I want to observe myself every day, so I can check my progress and develop new habits of thinking.  The more aware I am of my thoughts, the more in control I am of the emotions and actions that they cause in me. The Page of Swords loves to learn, so finding a mentor or teacher who is already doing what you want to do will be super productive with this Page's energy. Thanks Eckhart!

We may all be working toward our enlightenment, but it's not the easiest state to achieve ;).  Remember that I'm right there learning along with you.  Let me know if you would like to ask the tarot for advice on how to improve and develop your current mental state. I know, the reading I did for myself is one I will be pondering for some time to come!