The Page of Pentacles Love to Learn

pagepentsRWS The Page of Pentacles is the quintessential student. His energy brings new pursuits, such as a hobby, a project, a goal, or a job that requires you to manifest your dreams into reality.  He is always learning something, studying life to see its wonder, exuberant and natural.  I've been feeling this Page of Pentacles energy around me for the last couple of days, since I arrived in North Carolina.  As many of you know, I'm a vandwelling, nomadic tarot reader, always on the road, visiting and exploring as much of the USA as I can for the next year or so.  As much as I love living in the van though, sometimes its nice to have high ceiling and 24 hour access to bathrooms.  In pursuit of such,  sometimes my partner, Kristen, and I like to housesit.  We particularly love to housesit for people with animals because we loooooove pets, and don't have any of our own due to financial and space considerations in the van. So, for the next two weeks we find ourselves in North Carolina housesitting for 5 horses, 4 dogs and 4 cats.  What an adventure!

Tabitha the 19 year old Maine Coon cat just started enjoying snuggles of 18 years of being too cool for school.

So much to learn about all these animals too!  Hence the Page of Pentacles energy surrounding me at this time. I have lived with and loved many a cat and dog, but here are 8 totally new-to-me little fur balls.  Let's not even talk about how little I experience I have caring for horses!  I did muck a lot of stalls at Girl Scout camp when I was 12 years old, still.... then there were 20 years with very little horsewomanship.  But I'm having a great time! Like the Page of Pentacles, I'm out in nature, connecting with the great outdoors and the creatures who inhabit that space.  I really have a lot of enthusiasm for this new educational opportunity.  Not only do I get to learn about horses, but I get to learn what it is like to OWN horses. I think Kristen has already learned her lesson that she does not want to own anything that requires her to get up, go outside, and spend an hour feeding and cleaning it at 7am.  Ha!

View out the window from the kitchen at our housesit.  Only two dogs visible from here, but doesn't it kinda look like the Page of Pentacles would just love it out there?!

The Page of Pentacles is just a beginning, just a start on the learning train, just one step toward manifesting a future through your actions in the present.  I think, this Pages's energy is wonderful to bring in when you have a spark of an idea or a dream (more Page of Wands type energy). Our dream was to care for horses, now we are learning what that dream means, but in a "safe way" that doesn't actually involve us buying a farm and horses.  That's kind of what school is like, learning the theory behind a job, before you go out and practice it.  The Page of Pentacles loves this kind of stuff.  The important thing to remember when you are working with this type of energy is that all that you are doing and learning adds to your wealth and abundance.  You are adding skills, experience, and knowledge through your actions.  You are by no means at a stage of mastery, but the learning phases can be ever so much fun. So enjoy the process!

Garnet the Arabian cutie likes to greet us out here little window in the morning.  Here she is waiting for the farrier to show up while she would rather be out in the sunshine!

The Page of Pentacles also does things by the book. He has a super committed and responsible energy about him, which I using in my care of these beautiful horse friends. They have a schedule, which I follow to the letter. I take my job seriously and try to do it well, just like this Page. Since this is a Pentacles card, it is also focused on tangible things, like feeding, shelter, and healthy living.  I'm definitely experiencing that energy multiple times a day!  There are litter boxes to scoop, bowls to keep filled with water, food to be distributed each as they like it (one dog even prefers to be hand feed!), stalls to muck, and lots of snuggles to be given lovingly.  The Page of Pentacles in me is up to the task and enjoying North Carolina to no end.  It's a beautiful day full of sunshine today.  I'm looking forward to having this wonderful place to write, do tarot readings, plan out our next tour, and enjoy enjoy enjoy the nature all around us.