Tarotscopes for February

Hello there tarot lovers!  Can you believe that we are fast approaching February!? You may have noticed that the tarotscopes did not come out at the New Moon this month as usual. That's because I'm moving them to the first of the month! The New Moon time is just too busy with The Willow Path Newsletter and the New Moon reading.  So why not the first of the month?!  It's a perfectly wonderful time for a little tarotscope fun, so here are the tarotscopes for February: Ace of Swords Shadowscapes Tarot

Birthday Tarotscope for Aquarius: Ace of Swords reversed Happy Birthday Water Bearer Friends!  It’s wonderful to have such interesting and smarty-pants friends like you!  The Ace of Swords is here to welcome in your birthday time with a regular dose of Air energy that comes so naturally to your sign. Thinking, communicating, processing information, all of that is as simple as breathing to you.  Perhaps it's time to shake things up a bit though Aquarius, as you drew this card in reverse.  Try and come up with some new ways of communicating, some fresh thoughts or perspectives, even try a new breathing technique to help you connect with your emotional depth, your inner fire, your practical version of reality here on Earth. You are usually so good at seeing things from a new angle, so don't let old ways make for a stale entry into your new birth year.  Explore new territory!

Pisces: Knight of Pentacles reversed Watch out for a wildly charming person dashing into your life this month, little Fishie.  You may get caught up in the excitement and hype around an idea, creative endeavor, or lusty individual but things are transitory in nature so don't be too disappointed when this fleeting burst of excitement slips by after a short stay.  Enjoy it while it lasts!

Aries: King of Wands This is your spirit card, dear Aries!  Looks like it is going to be a powerful month ahead for you.  You are so capable of putting your inspirations into action, so find that responsible streak inside of you and follow through on your big ideas.  The King of Wands is a visionary and an entrepreneur so use his energy to get serious about your dreams.

Taurus:  VI of Swords A much needed transition is in progress for you in the coming month, sweet Taurus friends. If you feel like you have been stuck in a mental rut, going over and over the same points in your head, February will bring some fresh perspective and a new direction. Change can be difficult so give yourself time and space to adjust to this transition.

Gemini: The Emperor February will see you solidify plans that you made at the turning of the year, creating stable structures and rules for yourself and your goals.  You will have a sense of authority and control in all your actions. If you find yourself responsible for others and their well-being, be a good leader and do what's best for the group as a unit.

Cancer:  Queen of Wands reversed The month ahead may leave you feeling a bit disconnected from your passions, my dear Crab. Look deep inside yourself, get in touch with your inner fire, reestablish that connection with what lights you up from within.  It might be time to do something a bit wild and reckless to break yourself out of a creative funk.

Leo: VI of Wands reversed It's time to learn how to toot your own horn, my gentle Lions.  If you feel like your efforts and hard work are going unnoticed and unappreciated, it's time to pat yourself on the back.  If in your heart there is a pride of accomplishment, remember that you are ultimately living your life for yourself, so be content with this self knowledge.

Virgo:  Ace of Cups The month ahead may bring an increase in love and emotion into your life, my sweet Virgins.  I hope you are not too overwhelmed with feelings and drowning in emotions, unless it's from the bliss of new love, or renewed love, or previously untapped wells of happiness. Valentine's day is this month ;)  Enjoy it!

Libra:  VII of Wands reversed Last month may have been a bit of struggle for you, leaving you feeling a sense of relief that your biggest battles are behind you and now you can look forward to a more peaceful month ahead.  You did well to fight for what you believe in and defend your position, but now it's time to lay down arms and carry on normal activity.

Scorpio: Queen of Swords It's time to soar intellectually, my Eagles.  The Queen of Swords is a master of the mind, so look for groups or individuals to mastermind with this coming month.  You can accomplish amazing things using your brain and drawing upon the power of rational, logical, and reasonable thoughts this coming month.  You will feel a sense of inner satisfaction from planning, scheduling and strategizing.

Sagittarius:  The Tower reversed Looks like you will be resisting or avoiding some big transformations in the next month, Sag friends.  Are you afraid of change?  Do you want to avert a train wreck in your future? Well, maybe you should just let it happen.  Change is tough, but the lightning bolt of transformation and the subsequent destruction can be the best thing in the long run.

Capricorn: Justice reversed Uh oh, Cappies, looks like you might be learning some lessons about unfairness in the coming month. Sometimes life hands you a crap hand, and you just have to deal with it. Make sure you aren't taking revenge where Justice could not be meted out, though. Justice reversed can be the messenger saying to you that fate is out of your hands.