Tarotscopes for Capricorn Sun Cycle

The New Moon in Capricorn on December 21st, 2014 marks the beginning of the Sun’s journey through the sign of Capricorn from now until January 20th, 2015. Capricorn is a stable and practical earth energy. Use this energy of the Capricorn sun sign period to make solid plans and structures for the coming year.  Remember to focus on what you want to create more of in your life.  If you instead get caught up in negative aspects of your life, you will only succeed in expanding that negativity. Gratitude is essential for positive expansion, so take time to reflect on all that you have and all that you have achieved this year.  Now is a wonderful time to build foundations for success and accomplishment in the coming year.  A tarot reading can be a great way to focus on resolutions and goal setting, so get in touch if you would like to set up a reading about the New Year!  I've created a special New Year's Spread to address all aspects of your life in the coming year. And now for the tarotscopes! VII Cups  Shadowscapes Tarot

Birthday Tarotscope for Capricorn: VII of Cups Happy Birthday Cappy Friends!  It's wonderful to have such reliable and dependable friends like you!  The VII of Cups is reminding you to make big birthday wishes when you blow out the candles this month.  Let your imagination take the reigns, even if that feels foreign or uncomfortable to you. Let your emotions speak, your heart dream, and allow love to reveal your dreams. What are your pie in the sky aspirations for this year?  Let the sky be the limit and then let your practical and strategic nature guide you in manifesting those visions.  You may feel that having too many dreams is overwhelming and counterproductive, but this month you have the power to achieve and reach beyond the ordinary and routine.  2015 can be a year when your fantasies become reality as long as you're willing to access, acknowledge, and create those fantasies. Nourish your inner free spirit this month!

Aquarius: Knight of Cups reversed The Knight of Cups reversed is here to kick you into action this coming month. If you are caught in a daydream of wishing and hoping and non-action, snap out of it!  You need to make some concrete plans and put them into action.  Head out of the clouds!

Pisces: X of Pentacles This year will come to an end with a feeling of completion and abundance. Surround yourself with family and friends that you love and practice some gratitude for the stable, secure home you have made. Expect lots of good holiday presents or a nice bonus!

Aries: The Tower Foundations are crumbling for you this month, Aries friend.  The plans and dreams you had during 2014 may have turned out false, and now you find yourself having to start from scratch in 2015.  Concentrate on building a new firm foundation that speaks to your personal belief system. Don't lose hope!

Taurus:  The Sun reversed It looks to be a promising month for you, as you find much joy and abundance in the world at the close of this year.  The surprise might be the source of this happiness, so don't look for it in all the usual places.  Your bliss might just reveal itself in the least likely of places.

Gemini: IX of Pentacles Physical security may tip you into the land of luxury this coming month, Gemini.  Expect to feel that you have everything you need, and perhaps also a little more which then feels like perfect indulgence.  Indulge in that which makes you feel healthy and secure.

Cancer:  II of Wands reversed The end of the year might be a bit tricky for you ,Crab friend, especially if you forget that your personal power can create great change.  Look toward the future with an open heart and clear mind so that you can bring your inspirations to life with a solid plan.

Leo: III of Swords The end of the year may bring with it a sense of sorrow this year Leo.  Reflect on what difficult and heart wrenching decisions you have made, and know that with time you will heal. Life is a constant cycle of ups and downs so reflect, grow, and recover.

Virgo:  Page of Cups It's a time of gentle love for you this month Virgo, as you may find yourself reunited with happy young family members, or feel a return to your own youthful heart love for another. Enjoy warm beverages with friends and let that soften your heart with warmth and love.

Libra:  II of Swords reversed Difficult decisions need to be made this month Libra, and you need to do it with an open heart and and open mind.  No more waffling, as this situation isn't going to diffuse without your participation.  Use that skillful brain of yours to help you move forward on your path.

Scorpio: Queen of Pentacles Be generous and nurturing this month, Scorpio. You may find yourself wanting to create a more secure and inviting home environment, making cookies or soup for loved ones, and volunteer to help others. Supporting others with your warmth is a priority for you now.

Sagittarius:  The World reversed The end of the year may come with a sense of incompleteness this year, Sag friend.  What projects have you left unfinished, what goals have you ignored, where do you feel disconnected? It's not too late to focus on closure at this closing of the year.

Hope you enjoyed these Tarotscopes for the Capricorn Sun cycle!  Please share them with your friends if so!!