The Knight of Swords Charges Off Towards the Prize

Rider Waite Smith deck I’m encountering Knight energy again in my life, so I thought I would wrap up my series on these court cards with The Knight of Swords. The Knight of Swords is full of plans and ideas- maybe too full, maybe overflowing, hopefully not drowning. I have so many things I want to do! So many great ideas for my business that I want to share with you! My mind is constantly flitting from idea to idea, unbounded, unlimited, but unfortunately without much focus. This is typical Knight of Swords energy: feeling really gung ho and inspired by an idea, plunging into a plan without clear direction, and then charging ahead towards who knows what. There are so many things to get done in the short amount of time we are staying in New England, I'm trying not to feel nuts! At least I'm finally up before 9am, got my coffee beside me, and am typing up this blog post. Progress.


If I’m exhibiting some Knight of Swords tendencies, Kristen is veritably brandishing a sword and galloping off down the road. She’s on a MISSION to write new songs, practice them until they are perfect, record a live album, film the entire thing, and make seven music videos out of it. Nothing will stop her, and little consideration is given to some of the finer points of the project. For instance: How is she going to afford this recording and filming? When and where can she write and practice these songs sufficiently? When is she going to find time to sleep and recover from a major cold that basically reduced her voice to a rasp? Doesn’t matter! It will get done, come hell of high water or in this case, come being broke and exhausted. There’s no point arguing with her though, the Knight of Swords is focused on achieving her goal and cannot be persuaded to slow the pace or veer from the course.


Shadowscapes deck

Kristen and I are embodying different aspects of the Knight of Swords character, but interpreting a court card can be relative to the base line personality of the person getting the reading. Kristen is a bit more energized and driven then me in general, so when she is inspired by an idea it gets put into action pretty quick and then pushes her until she succeeds, regardless of the consequences or previous experience. I’m usually more introspective and calculated, so it doesn’t take much for me to feel out of control. I look a little more like this Knight of Swords image from the Shadowscapes tarot on the right. A few unorganized thoughts or plans and I feel like I’m caught in a whirlwind and need to slow my roll. Hopefully we both get through this period, learn some important life lessons, manifest some big ideas, and no one falls on her sword.