The Knight of Cups is in Love with Love

Knight of Cups Rider Waite deck I'm having a Knight of Cups kind of day. The Knight of Cups is all about love, love, love and I'm talking about romantic love here. It doesn't necessarily have to mean real life love, as often it is a fantasy or imaginary love. This is the Knight who lies around daydreaming about when his prince will come...or how he will save his princess- whichever you prefer. I'm not going to beat around the bush, this is so me today.  I just got back to the old homestead in Vermont after 5 months on the road with my girlfriend, Kristen, and yesterday we spent the first night apart from each other in those 5 months. And I'm already lonely!  When will I ever see her again?!  What is she doing right this moment?! Does she miss me too?! Blah, blah, blah, barf.  Just the sort of thing that the Knight of Cups is pondering and annoying everyone with when he mentions it. He's a dreamer, a charmer, a lovesick puppy.

Needless to say, when Kristen replied to my whining about not being together for two days with "absence makes the heart grow fonder", I continued to whine, "I don't want to be any fonder!"  So what is this Knight of Cups to do but write a blog post during the first big snowstorm of the season in Vermont, all warm and snuggly in my Dad's house.  I'm drinking a cup of coffee, sitting by the fire, and watching the snow fall over the van.  This is the perfect Knight of Cups romantic scene, so I can just imagine Kristen driving up a day early for Thanksgiving and surprising me!  "It could totally happen, right?" thinks the Knight of Cups.  Oh geeeeeeez, stop it with the fantasies and appreciate the moment!  Of course, in the moment the caffeine is giving me a headache, the fire isn't quite warm enough to unthaw my feet, and I forgot something important in the van that I don't want to put boots on to retrieve.  What's romantic about that?  The Knight of Cups doesn't bother himself with such little nuisances that ruin the fantasy!

Knight of Cups Shadowscapes deck

Love is a tricky emotion that always wants to be at 11, over the top, better and better every second! The Knight of Cups is always searching for that ultimate. The key with the Knight of the Cups is not to get melodramatic. This Knight can easily go overboard with the mushy love feelings and end up spiraling into over-expectation, illusion, disillusion, and melancholy. The worst part is that usually all of those feelings happen in the imagination, far away from the reality of what is great about a relationship or what is actually not working in a relationship. Love is a cycle, just like any other aspect of your life, so remember that it can't keep getting better without also going through some bad times as well. We need comparison. We live in a world of duality. The Knight of Cups is still learning how to control his feelings and work with his emotions, this is the journey of the Knight, on his path to the depth and higher wisdom of the Cups suit.

Knight of Cups energy can be useful and productive if properly directed.  Remember that the Knights are all about action, so if you find yourself feeling passionate and imaginative about something, you need to focus on bringing that something into the real world.  This Knight can be very creative and full of new ideas. Try not to get too caught up in the emotion of the whole creative process and use your head get those ideas into physical form in some way. This can apply to a creative project, or a romantic gesture that you wish to make. It's important with the Knight of Cups to examine your love interest without those rose-colored glasses or you may find yourself building someone up in your mind that isn't deserving or desiring of your grand romance you have all planned out in your fantasies.

That's so not me though ;).  Haha!  Look, I've used my Knight of Cups energy to write a little blog post for you- that's bringing my creative energy into physical form.  Perfect!