Virgo New Moon Reading

The New Moon in Virgo will be occurring shortly in your neck of the woods, so I've done a reading to help us all set out intentions for the coming month as the moon slowly waxes to full.  This is a great time reflect upon your life situation and decide what is working for you and what isn’t.  This reading will help us all set or reset our intentions at this time, offering some practical guidance on how to make our goals into reality.  I used the Shadowscapes tarot deck and here are the three cards I drew: IVSwordsSS

IV of Swords reversed-  It's time to stop hesitating or waiting till you have more time and energy.  Perhaps you have been giving your goals and intentions a ton of thought (potentially up to a dangerous point of obsessive thinking) and not a whole lot of action.  That strategy may appear to have been working for you, but the point has been reached that it is now time to get to business.  Get out of your head, stop mentally planning or meditating upon the right course of action and get to the real actions of manifesting your desired reality. On the other hand, if you find that you've been all go, go, go and very little time for reflection, make sure you give yourself the time and space to get your head in the right mind frame.  Whether you've been resting up for a big push, or overexerting yourself mentally, it's time to put your mind to rest for a bit.

VII of Cups

VII of Cups- While you are taking a little break from mental activity, the VII of Cups suggests that you listen to your heart.  If you find yourself, with more goals and intentions than one person can possibly handle, take some time for inner stillness to listen to your heart. Setting big, crazy goals can be scary and overwhelming, but your options truly are limitless. Look how one figure in this card image points out into a dream that she may want to make into reality, while the other figure examines his drawn up plans.  They have so much in the Cups around their feet that they know they can accomplish anything. How to narrow it down?  Go within your heart and let it guide you to make a decision that resonates with your inner being and your emotional patterns.  You have laid careful plans and set your sights on big dreams, now go!

VII of Wands

VII of Wands-  After you've stepped out of your head and taken a peak into your heart- it's time to figure out what your soul wants to fight to manifest.  With the VII of Wands, doesn't look like things are going to be a cake walk in terms of actually manifesting your goals.  The Wands suit is all about passion though, so if you are truly passionate and motivated to achieve, it is worth the struggle, conflict and fight that may arise. Don't give up!  Keep attacking those goals with all of your fire energy. Channel your inner power animal that keeps going no matter what the obstacles that pop up in front of you.  If you don't have the fire and fight in you to accomplish your goals, you may just have to find the peace within to wait for another moon cycle because things will not be easy and flowing for you, although the struggle will be worthwhile.

There you go!  A special New Moon in Virgo message from The Willow Path Tarot for you! If you're interested in getting a personal New Moon reading from me, just head on over to the readings page and order yours now!  FYI, if you sign up for the mailing list then New Moon readings have a special $10 rate for subscribers :)!  Enjoy!