Thoughts on Gypsetting

I just found out about a month ago that the word gypset even existed by stumbling upon the Vienda Maria website on Facebook.  Perfecto!  Suddenly I had a word for a lifestyle that I’ve been attempting to live since my first escapade in travel at the age of 16 when I set off to study abroad in Chile.   A gypsetter is defined (loosely, by me) as a type of creative weirdo, who likes to do unconventional things for "work" and travel around a lot.  Urban Dictionary defines it thusly:

Fusing the ease and carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set, the Gypsetters are artists, surfers, designers, and bon vivants who live and work around the globe. Gypset Style explores the unconventional, wanderlust lives of these high-low cultural nomads and the bohemian enclaves they inhabit, as well as their counterculture forbears, such as the Victorian explorers, the Lost Generation, the Beatniks, and the hippies.

That time I was the librarian at palace in Austria.

By living first in Chile, then in Brazil, Germany, Austria and who knows where next, I have met so many amazing, and inspiring people who live in this gypset community.  I feel the beautiful synchronicity of life to have found this gypset word, website, and online community at this time in my life.   I’m about to quit my full time corporate job and start my very own tarot reading business.  I’m about to sell off all of my possessions and move into a van so I can travel around my home country of the United States at my own pace, on my own terms.  This is the perfect moment to feel this gypset connection with a whole host of new people online, but also in real time with every new gypsetter I meet around the country.

The World Shadowscapes Tarot

This seemingly sudden, but simultaneously destined, widening of my perspective on the size and shape of the gypset community is truly stunning to me.  I’m so jazzed by the idea that more and more people, just like me, will find the passion and flow of living their life purposes with full intention.   I know that the traveling aspect of the gypset lifestyle isn’t for everyone,  (and perhaps some of us are a bit more draw to the gypsy aspect than the jet setter aspect ;), but this open-hearted, soul-purpose driven, consciousness of living is something that I feel is spreading like wildfire in the world today.  Every day I read a new blog, or discover a new website, or read an amazing comment from another awakening soul, ready to change our current social paradigm and reshape society for the better. Everyone is welcome to be a gypsetter.

I am constantly moved to transform myself, but some elemental things about myself have remained unchanging.  These are the desire to follow deep soul purpose, to travel and share that purpose with others, and to help others do the same. One of the things I truly want to learn, is how to best share this awakening with others and support new gypsetters in their personal exploration and community integration.   I’m so inspired by Vienda Maria (and I wrote this blog post as an entry in a wicked amazing give-a-way she has on her site until May 5th), as well as all her lovely online followers.  Check out Vienda's website for inspiration on leading your own gypset journey, she is an amazing resource for any traveler or consciousness based human being.