Full Moon Hermits Come Out To Play

boatmoonThere is a full moon in Virgo happening tomorrow night and I couldn't be happier, or more conflicted...  Full Moon energy makes me feel so alive! I love the moonlight, the lunacy that seeps out of the general population, and the fulfillment promised by this fullness of moon.  I might find Virgo energy a bit regimented and orderly, tending to get mired in fine details and organize the crap out of something (usually unnecessarily), but combine that with the abundance of the full moon and I think something great can happen.  I want to get BIG things done this weekend and the full moon gives me the drive, inspiration, and energy to make things happen. The Hermit Shadowscapes Tarot

All this productive Virgo energy encourages me want to hunker down at home and type type away on this blog, learn new tarot spreads, focus on my marketing objectives, and basically get down to business.  I want to be The Hermit, the tarot card ruled by Virgo.  I smiled to draw The Hermit as my card of the day this morning.  "Thanks, Captain Obvious", I like to smirk at my daily draw too often.  I am coming to realize more and more that the tarot is a great tool for pointing out the obvious.  This causes a lot of eye rolling and "I knoooooow"s from me, when I'm not feeling particularly introspective.  Tarot is great for self-awareness, recognizing what is going on in your life so you can focus on how you feel about it and then decide how to go forward.  Of course, then there's always still the question of how to make this next step.  That next step needs to come from inside of you and it can be an awful lot of effort to do this inner work.  Channel some Hermit energy!- ok, but how?....

So I drew The Hermit this morning, and I already knew that I wanted to stay home and work on The Willow Path Tarot as a business and that there is supportive Virgo energy to really help that along.  At the same time- it's the weekend!  and it's a full moon!  I've got invites to parties and shows and I want to get out there and be open and abundant with friends.  How to procede? How to create that fine balance I'm always questing after?  I will first type madly away, trying to communicate something about The Hermit and the inner wisdom that guides me to find a way to balance activities today.  I will dedicate as many hours to business work at home alone with my tea, and secondly devote an equal number of hours out under the moonlight tonight having fun with friends.  Take that Temperance! :)