Full Moon in Aquarius Tarot Reading, August 15, 2019

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! The Full Moon is a beautiful time of month for releasing and letting go, forgiving and making amends, and completing and terminating projects. This month the Full Moon happens in the sign of Aquarius, highlighting Aquarian themes of innovation, outside the box thinking, community, friendship, and technology. This can be a time when you gain fresh perspective and are able to see a new vision for your life ahead. Give yourself the gift of reflection during the Full Moon to think about what you would like to let go of at this time and what you would like to invite into your life. Here is some helpful advice from the tarot for working with this Full Moon energy!:

Cosmos Tarot from Light Grey Art Lab: High Priestess/Mensa, The Star/Gemini, Queen of Air/Aquila

Cosmos Tarot from Light Grey Art Lab: High Priestess/Mensa, The Star/Gemini, Queen of Air/Aquila

 What old patterns, beliefs, or activities do you need to put aside to make room for that new vision at this Full Moon? – Mensa/The High Priestess

Misdirection, Obscurity, Manipulation - It’s time to let go of the belief that other people and forces outside of your control are dictating your life. It’s time to take radical responsibility for yourself. Yes, many factors influence your life that you do no choose, would not choose, try to avoid, and try to distract yourself from noticing. The thing is, you still need to hold yourself accountable for how you react and interact with those unwanted occurrences. The reactions are your choice and the choices you make are important and powerful. Let go of the idea that life is happening to you and start to embrace the idea that life is happening with you.


There is a need for greater clarity now. Let the light of the Full Moon illuminate the things that you are letting languish in obscurity. Perhaps you have been putting off making a decision or are spreading yourself too thin over many projects that you think might bear fruit. It’s time to bring your vision into focus instead of letting it float as a hazy, vague conception without much substance or form. Be direct. Laser in.  When you catch yourself using wishy washy language, stop yourself and be precise with your words. Say exactly what you mean. Communicate your message with honest, simple, truthful words.


How can you release the past, what will help you let go? - Gemini/The Star

Stimulation, Interaction, Communication – What a wonderful sign to draw The Star which is ruled by Aquarius herself for this reading. The Star asks you to have faith and stay with hope in order to release the past. The key to letting go is to believe that it is possible, that you can leave the past behind you, that you can forgive, that you can move on. When trauma leaves an imprint upon you, you can lose that hope and feel that you will be forever damaged beyond repair. A scar can form over your wound, though, as a reminder of your story but also as a way to make you whole again. You are whole even with your past, even after what you have gone through. Remember the lessons you have learned and practice gratitude for your wisdom.


Gemini also speaks to a need to communicate with precision and clarity, much as Mensa did with the initial card for this New Moon in Aquarius reading. What is your message? With whom do you need to share this message? How can you get your message out? Since Aquarius is associated with technology, this could be a wonderful time to write what you have to share online or send it through an email. Remember to use simple, clear language. When you have a choice of words, use the ones that are most precise and compact, carrying as little nuance or obscurity as possible. Many words have more than one meaning, so go over anything you write or say with a fine-toothed comb to root out double meanings which can misdirect. It is important to say it out loud or write it down though, so don’t worry that it has to be perfect, just do it! Aquarius energy can be quick, so don’t waste the opportunity to speak your message when it comes to you.  


What is being called into your life? What does this fresh vision hold for you? Aquila/ Queen of Air

Powerful Ally, To Assist Using Personal Leverage – Once again, loving, supportive Aquarian energy comes into this reading through the tarot cards. The Queen of Air is the manifestation of the inner intellectual and wise persona of Aquarius. She asks you to lead with your mind, to trust in your thoughts, to ask your Higher Self for the wisdom that you were born with to make decisions and lead your life with integrity. You have the power within you to speak truth, to live authentically, to be a practical and wise leader. Now, what exactly does it look like for you to do those things? This vision is different for each of us, so create that vision of yourself as Wise One and ask yourself what that looks like for you personally.


This is also an excellent time to find a collaborator, someone to work with on your projects or personal development. This could be someone to do a work project with or perhaps a hobby or creative project. Look for someone who has similar interests but different skills to bring to the table. You don’t have to create your vision of the future all alone. In fact, everything we do of value we do in community, to serve each other, to help each other, to reach other, to create a world together. Aquarius asks you to find your kindred spirits and raise the vibration of your lives by being together. The Queen of Air could also show up as a mentor, advisor, or counselor. If you’re dealing with stress, anxiety, trauma, or whatever emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual pain, you don’t have to fix yourself alone. You can get help. You can work with supportive, wise, and nurturing people to help heal you, to put a scar over that wound and become whole again. The Queen of Air is here to be your ally.


There you have it- the Full Moon reading for the Aquarius moon on August 15th, 2019! I hope you enjoyed this and please do share it with a friend if you know someone who would resonate with this message from the tarot. And please, get in touch if you would like a personal tarot reading! I’m currently available for email tarot readings with a turn around of about one week. Happy Full Moon!

Deirdre Doran