Tarot Reading for the New Moon in Leo

Happy New Moon in Leo on July 31st, 2019! With this New Moon comes the radiant and joy-filled time of summer and abundance in the northern hemisphere. It is just the perfect time for you to shine forth with your unique self! Leo shines with a brilliant light from within. Opening up and revealing yourself allows you to uplevel your vibration at this time. The Leo New Moon will help you create a deeper connection to yourself and also can help forge friendships and bonds with others. There’s a sense of merry-making in the air which promotes togetherness. Plan activities or join other’s activities that are outside, active, and participatory.

Leo energy can be bold and courageous, taking on new challenges that previously seemed too daunting. You can use this New Moon to support you in confronting old fears or undertaking a new course of action. There’s a willingness to take risks and just pounce forward with daring. This brave behavior stems from the knowledge that you cannot fail unless you stop trying. Even if this leap isn’t the one that leads to success, it could be, and either way, you’ll keep going even if things don’t work this time around.

Let’s see what advice the tarot has for you this New Moon in Leo:

The Ostara Tarot:  Judgment, III of Cups, The Hanged Man

The Ostara Tarot: Judgment, III of Cups, The Hanged Man

~ How can I increase my visibility and get my message out to the world?- Judgement

Recognize that what you have to say is valid. What you have to say needs to be heard. Your outlook is uniquely your own and the world needs to hear it. It is so important allow yourself to speak your truth, not to hold it all inside. That being said, there is a right moment to share, a right way to approach things, a method that doesn’t condemn or alienate others. Remember that your way is for you, and it may not be for everyone. Be your bright and shining self but do not force yourself upon those who may not be ready for your truth.

There are things you don’t know about the way the world works that make it necessary for you to leave yourself open to the possibility that what you can’t see of the big picture can change things for you down the road. Therefore, try not to be too rigid. Try not to judge others. There may come a time in the future when you are in a situation that opens your eyes to the motivations of others and leaves you regretful of how you looked down upon them now. You too will have your day of reckoning.

~ How can I energize and ignite my creations and manifestations?- III of Cups

This is a great time to work with others to energize your creations. If you have been making something by yourself, now is the time to invite your friends, family, or coworkers to weigh on in your creation. This could mean getting feedback, finding an editor, trying out your thing on test subjects, co-creating with a fellow magic maker, etc. It is beautiful to make something simply for the joy of creating, it isn’t required that you share with the class. That being said, it is a wonderful thing to open up to the world around you and let people see what you have made. It could be of real service to others.

The III of Cups is also about emotional fulfillment in a fun and happy way. You can energize your creations by enjoying them! Be grateful for your ability to create. Look at what you have manifested and do something with it. Perhaps you have made something physical that you can play with or use. Do that! Get outside and enjoy some fun in water. Raise a glass in celebration with your nearest and dearest and toast your magnificent lives! There’s a sense of abundance and reaping your rewards right now at the height of summer. Be present to what is going well and take that joy into your heart.

~ How can I increase my self-confidence so I can shine?- The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man asks you to be present to your current self in order to increase your confidence. There’s a drive to go, go, go during these long summer days but there is always an equal necessity to be still. Spend time in quiet reflection or meditation at this New Moon. Look inside yourself and see what beautiful revelations are ready to be discovered. When it feels like life is rushing ahead at a breakneck speed, The Hanged Man allows you to step back and suspend time. Look at yourself from a new perspective and see that you are worthy, valid, and full of life.

You can also increase your self-confidence by serving others. The Hanged Man comes to better understand the world around her when she interacts with those who are in need and offers help. This allows you to see yourself through the eyes of another, to see what use you have on this planet, what you are capable of contributing. Taking a time out from just doing what is best for yourself and helping someone else get what they need, can also act to slow down time. It can create the space for self-transformation to take place as you stop moving and get still within. I recently wrote a post all about how 2019 is the Year of the Hanged Man, which you might want to check out!

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Deirdre Doran