A Tarot Reading for the Full Moon in Capricorn

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn! The Full Moon on July 16th, 2019 is also a partial lunar eclipse, meaning it’s an extra special good time to release and let go of what no longer serves you. Capricorn energy is responsible, structured, disciplined and hard-working. Combining this with the energy of the last New Moon and solar eclipse in loving and supportive Cancer on July 2nd, we are asked to find balance between work and home life. At the New Moon we set intentions to nurture ourselves, our creations, and the world around us. At this Full Moon we work to fulfill those intentions by taking responsibility for our health, finding balance between inner and outer work, and overcoming past beliefs which hold us back from our personal growth.


Here is what the tarot has to offer us for advice at this Full Moon:

The Wild Unknown Tarot:  IV of Pentacles, Father of Wands reversed, VIII of Pentacles reversed

The Wild Unknown Tarot: IV of Pentacles, Father of Wands reversed, VIII of Pentacles reversed

Are you taking responsibility for yourself and your personal growth? - IV of Pentacles

The clear answer here is yes, you are taking responsibility for yourself and your personal growth. This is great! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back and honor the work that you are doing. It isn’t easy. It is a radical act to say that you are responsible for your life, your decisions, your actions, your thoughts, your feelings, everything! There is a great temptation to place the blame or the power with someone else. They did this to you. They are at fault. They made this happen. The Universe is working against you, blah, blah, blah.


The IV of Pentacles makes it clear that at this Full Moon in Capricorn you recognize the structures you have made, the decisions you have chosen, and the path you have followed to get you right to where you are at this moment. Yes, lots of things happen in life that are hard to understand and create unhappiness, trauma, and misery, but you can make it work. You can persevere. You can accept this life. You can take control of yourself and be responsible for the ways you react, act, and interact.


Are you balancing work and home life? - Father of Wands reversed

 The hesitant answer here is no, you aren’t doing the best job of balancing work and home life. You have a vision of how you want to achieve greater balance, but you aren’t quite there yet. It’s great that you have this vision, though. What a terrific start! Spend more time visualizing and then innovating to manifest that vision. Sometimes all it takes a little more clarity of mind in order to get you to push to make what you see in your head come to life in the physical world around you. The Father of Wands is the ultimate visionary, inviting you to delve into your five-year plan and then enthusiastically strive to make shit happen. The ideas are there, now it’s just about follow through.


What limiting beliefs from your past do you need to unblock, overcome, and leave behind?-
VIII of Pentacles reversed

There’s some confusion about how to do the work when it comes to overcoming limiting beliefs. Is this the kind of thing that you just wait and time will take care of it? Or are there specific action steps that you should be taking every day to really do something when it comes to making progress? The honest answer is that it takes a bit of both. It takes practice and it also takes time. It takes your willingness to do the work and it takes your surrender to the process. It takes action and it also takes integration.


Take some time at this Full Moon to actually write down your limiting beliefs about yourself, your fears, worries, and concerns about yourself. What is holding you back that you are aware of? Where are you stuck? It’s a good start to confront your fears instead of simply pushing them away or ignoring them. Once you have your limiting beliefs out in the open, then you can do the actual work of overcoming them. What will help you do this? You may need the help of a therapist or counselor. It usually takes more than just wishing your fears away. You have to create new beliefs about yourself that are empowering and honest. Give yourself the time and space to create those new beliefs by releasing the old, outdated, limiting beliefs.  



There’s our short but sweet reading for the Full Moon in Capricorn. I hope you found some wisdom here to help you on your journey. Also a reminder that in celebration of my July birthday I’m offering a discount on email tarot readings: 20% off any email reading. Just enter the code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY at check out and you will receive this special offer. It’s just for the month of July, so book a reading with me soon to celebrate this life!

Deirdre Doran