Travel Tarot: The Magician

In the Travel Tarot series I share stories and pictures from my life out on the road, reading tarot, tour managing for Kristen Ford, and seeing the USA out the window of our converted camper van named Lady. I take quite a few photos each day, and many of them end up on my Instagram account with a hashtag for a corresponding tarot card that reminds me of the image, mood, or theme of the photo.  Sometimes the connections between life and tarot are obvious, and other times an explanation brings us deeper into the meaning of the card, the energies of our lives, and the connection between these energies and our daily existence.  This series offers that deeper exploration of a photo, a tarot card, and how that relates to my day to day life on the road. Kristen getting a tattoo by Deena at True Blue Tattoo in Austin, Texas.

THE MAGICIAN: Manifestation Resourcefulness Creation As Above, So Below Magic Personal Power Action Capability Skill Optimism New Beginning Focus Concentration Inspiration "Can-do" Attitude Creativity


Kristen is a big tattoo fan.  She is always desiring and scheming her next piece. Tattoos are expensive though, and Kristen can't afford to just go get one whenever she wants. Let's not forget to mention that your body, particularly your lymph nodes, aren't really equipped to get tattoos every week either, so you have to space them out. This is definitely a positive thing in the sense that Kristen can then be fully committed to a design when she can only get them every so often.  It's can also be a negative when she really craves body art and has a bunch of credit card debt. So, Kristen's plan was to get out of credit card debt, and then reward herself with a tattoo.  In October, 2014, her moment finally came- all credit cards paid off and enough money in her pocket to get a big new tattoo!  Enter The Magician!

Here's Kristen's latest tattoo!

Design work is the domain of The Magician.  Kristen had an idea that she wanted to manifest into physical form.  She was inspired to create, she used her personal power and skill to come up with a concept and she communicated that design to a tattoo artist. The Magician is ruled by Mercury and Gemini, so The Magician is the ultimate communicator. Kristen found an amazing tattoo artist named Deana out of True Blue Tattoo in Austin, TX. She told Deana her tattoo design idea and Deana used her personal power, her creative skills, and her experienced capability as a tattoo artist to bring Kristen's idea into form. Deana and Kristen were both resourceful about using all the tools they had on hand to complete this project.  Kristen's resources included:  a design idea, creative license to pick an artist, money, and time to sit for the tattoo.  Deana's resources included: design experience, the ability to listen, badass tattooing skills, all the materials necessary to tattoo a person, and a shop where she could be found.

Meanwhile, I was just sitting in a tattoo parlor for 5 hours watching my love get needled. At first, I could really connect with the magic of creation, but after about 3 hours I started to feel the pain.  Being tattooed for 5 hours creates a lot of physical pain and dripping blood. I'm not a big fan of blood.  I know this is pretty literal, but sometimes manifesting your intentions can be painful and hard.  Can you sense the magic of creation through that pain?  Can you maintain optimism and focus under stress and outside distraction?  The Magician perseveres, using all his focus and power to carry on and complete the project. I find all of that very inspiring, but I'm going to guess that I won't be getting a tattoo any time soon :)!


Besides being pretty, Kristen's tattoo also represents various resources that she wants to use in her daily life to help her manifest her personal journey.  The waves represent water, of course.  Water signifies the emotional depth that Kristen wants to bring into her life, work, and love. This girl has Mercury and Venus in Pisces, so she can be quite watery and emotional in her self expression, but not always in her outward personality which is all Fire. The goldfish represents being in the moment. Goldfish do not let accumulated past overly influence present moment decisions since their memory spans are so short.  The sailboat represents going with the flow, sailing your ship with the breeze instead of fighting against it.  Life presents constant ebbs and flows, and the best practice is to ride those waves, to let the wind take you where it leads, not to be madly paddling and paddling against fate.  Wait for the wind to fill your sails, don't thrash around.

What resources do you possess that you can use to manifest your goals?  We are all blessed with so many skills and abilities with are inherent and also develop during our lives.  The key is to recognize these skills, to own your power, and to use it proudly.  The Magician is that fundamental element of your existence that can bring that which is above (ideas, spirit, creativity) to below on this plane (reality, existence, tangibility).  Every one of us has this power within us.  Each of us is a creator, a manifester.  Kristen and I live this lesson as consciously as we can out on the road.  We have shaped our dream to be vandwellers into a physical reality that involves owning a van, driving around, meeting people, playing music, reading tarot cards, and being aware of the magic all around us.


Kristen whining in bed about no wanting to do anything.

THE MAGICIAN REVERSED: Underutilized Latent talents Lazy Weak Manipulative Unfocused Spiritually unfulfilled Uninspired Disability Confusion Impatience Self-doubt Hesitation Refusal to begin Resistance


Surprisingly, Kristen isn't always a bundle of ambitious determination. I know, you wouldn't guess it, but sometimes she is a whiney pants who just thrashes around in bed in the afternoon, complaining about not wanting to do anything!  The key with the Magician reversed, is to know when to buck up and use your power and focus to concentrate on manifesting your intentions, and when to just take a nap.  Of course a nap can be an extremely powerful tool that The Magician can use to accomplish a goal, but sometimes you just feel uninspired and lacking in that concentration to work toward a goal. At times like this it's useful to ask yourself if you are being lazy or if you actually need to have a time of non-action with the Magician reversed? You can also ask yourself if being lazy is really so bad, is society telling you that you have to work too hard for your personal taste, maybe a lazy afternoon would be perfect for you at this time?  You may need to recuperate, heal, or reserve your resources.

A quiet day on the beach can sometimes be the most productive healing time.  Plus binoculars + diving pelicans= best day ever!

Be careful not to manipulate the facts of your life situation, though.  Kristen, for instance, is such a hard worker that when she finally breaks down into whiner land about how she deserves a break, it's easy to see how she might be correct.  But perhaps she is just using her work ethic to manipulate the situation into self indulgent sloth. What had we really done that day anyway?!  Slept 8 hours, gone to the gym, gone to the grocery store, eaten a sandwich.... wait, that isn't such a hard day, why should we nap instead of getting a couple of hours of computer work in?  In this case, the Magician reversed shows that all the power and tools are there, we just have to seize onto them, instead of trying to weasel our way out of creating and doing.

The Magician reversed is particularly potent card when you are about to start a big new project, and you don't even know where or how to begin. Sometimes when you don't know what direction to take next, stopping all action to just be in the moment and see what happens, can be highly insightful.  There may be something about your present moment that will inspired you, help you concentrate, shift your focus, or help you proceed. If you are just doing, doing, doing without checking in on your spiritual fulfillment, core self, or life purpose, you may be heading done the wrong path. Remember the difference between hesitating, doubting, and resisting a new project or intention, and consciously finding the right path for you to proceed.  You may feel the desire to wait and see what happens to find the perfect time to start of your project.  That isn't what The Magician reversed is doing though.  Instead he is listening, watching, observing.  He is healing, recuperating, and being present.  The Magician never wants you to wait around for someday.  Even non-action can be a type of doing.

I hope you enjoyed this installation of Travel Tarot!  I plan to add new photos and travel life stories as often as I can, so follow this blog, or hop on over to Facebook and follow me there so you never miss a Travel Tarot story.  Yay!

Manifesting our lives on the beach on Hilton Head Island, SC.